EVENTS  2005 - 1996




English Lessons

April - June 2005 - Thanks to financial support from Soroptimist International we were able to arrange tuition in English for all members of the club.

A Meeting in the High Tatras

October 2005 - A three-day meeting organised by the Košice branch to present a project on extremely successful summer camp for gifted children from economically-disadvantaged families. All participating clubs exchanged ideas and experiences and discussed ways of raising funds. After making a sightseeing trip around Poprad, we saw at first hand the results of a recent hurricane in the Tatras National Park.


A Meeting in Kromeriz

April 2004 - On the initiative of the Prague branch the first-ever meeting of Czech and Slovak Soroptimist clubs took place in Kromeriz. During the event we compared the structure and organisation of individual clubs and methods of securing financial support for future projects. After the success of this meeting, it was decided to continue with our cooperation. The meetings will be organised by Czech or Slovak Clubs.



Helping Hand for the Blue Key Children’s Home

December 2003 - We secured the maintenance of three buildings and also acquired new toys and teaching materials for the handicapped children.



Looking after Our Senior Citizens

May 2002 - Nearly 100,000 CZK was given to a care home for the elderly in Prague - Dablice to fund the purchase of new lifting equipment as a part of the assistance to the home.


Helping the Jan Deyl Conservatory for blind children

August 2002 - After a Herculean fundraising effort we managed to collect over a million CZK to purchase new musical instruments to replace those damaged by the catastrophic flooding in August 2002. Our campaign was boosted by the generous contributions of Soroptimist clubs from all over Europe. A performance by pupils at the conservatory gave us an ideal opportunity to present our cheque for 1,200,000 CZK to the school director.




An Exhibition of Paintings by Maltreated Children

May 2000 - We were given permission by the local council for Prague 4 to hold an exhibition of paintings by children from a centre for children in need. The paintings themselves were exhibited in the entrance hall to the council offices. By organising this exhibition we hoped to raise awareness of the shocking treatment  of children in some families and bring the issue to the public’s attention.


Solar-Powered Car for the ChildrenOctober 2000

October 2000 -  Members of Japanese Soroptimist club Takayama kindly provided us with a solar-powered car for children, which we presented to pupils at an elementary school in Prague 6, Nad Kajetankou 134/9.



Professional contacts in Belgium

November 1998 - Anna Lammers of the Sint Truiden club in Belgium in cooperation with other Belgium clubs hosted a very interesting and successful event which was designed to exchange experience of club members of  similar professions. This meeting was an eye-opener for all of us who attended, as we gained valuable information which we would not otherwise have been able to get.



Helping Flood Victims in Moravia

December 1996 - To gain maximum exposure for our endeavours we decided to direct our fundraising efforts towards a family with three children in Citov. The village of Citov was severely damaged by the flooding in December 1996; almost all homes were inundated. We managed to fund a part of the reconstruction of this family’s house, as well as provide them with a number of new kitchen appliances and buy a laundry machine. On a return visit to the family a year later, we were heartened to see just how beneficial our aid had been. We were able to organise this assistance thanks to support from sister clubs throughout Europe.