EVENTS  2008

Soroptimist club of Prague – a member of Czech Women´s Lobby

Founded in 2004 Czech Women’s Lobby (CWL) is a network of Czech women organisations promoting women's rights in the Czech Republic. CWL and its 21 member organisations aim at promoting human rights and equality between women and men in the Czech Republic. CWL as a member of the European Women's Lobby (EWL) is active in different areas such as women’s economic and social position, women in decision-making, violence against women, women’s diversity etc.   Our club is one of 6 founding members of the CWL and it is permanently represented at all activities of this organisation. 

Active Participation of our club in activities of the Czech Women´s Lobby in 2008: In cooperation with other non-profit organisations - Amnesty International, Leage of Human Rights, Man in Need - CWL has been lobbying the Czech government and MP´s for joining the International Criminal Court (ICC). In cooperation with the Advise Bureau for Citizenship and Ecological Legal Service CWL has been lobbying for adoption of the so-called Anti-discrimination Law aiming at preventing discrimination in everyday life. CWL has become a place for consulting principal documents (for instance "Priorities and Procedures of the Government for advancing equal opportunities for women and men").

On the basis of the Minister for human rIghts and equal oopportunities members of the CWL got a chance of participation in meetings of the Government Council for Equal Opportunities, of the meetings of Government Council for human rights and of the Government Council for non-profit organisations. In May 2008 our club got a chance to present main aims of the Soroptimist International, projects and activities of our club at the spring meeting of the Government Council for non-profit organisations. Members of our club participated in seminars, conferences and other events organised in connection with equal opportunities.



Get-together with a glass of wine – Doc. MUDr. Jan Mestak, CSc.

March 27th 2008, X-Patriot 

"During every operation I totally concentrate on its success. When the operaton is technically well performed, it sould be successful. As for my own life I have clearly established hierarchy of values. There is nothing more important for me than the health and happiness of my children".

Doc. Mestak confirmed those words also during the meeting over a glass of wine which we organised in favor of the center for mistreated and misused women ACORUS.  Doc. Měšťák  talked about his 20 years experience at the plastic surgery clinic of the 3rd  medical faculty of the Charles University in Prague. He also talked about his approach to pacients, about his pedagogic and scientific work. Also about how he copes with his role of the father. He replied many questions from the audience and he gave to ACORUS a financial gift of 5000 CZK. The President of our club presented to ACORUS profit from the meeting of 10 000 CZK.


International Meeting of Czech and Slovak clubs in Slovakia at Vrátna dolina

Annual meeting of Czech and Slovak clubs took place on 12. - 14 April, 2008, at Vratna dolina (Slovakia). It was organised by the members of SI club Zilina. This time a training seminar about topical questions of our organisations was held as a part of the program of this International meeting. Kirsten Sveder from Swedish Union, past Vice-President of the European federation was the main lecturer. The program offered to all participants of the meeting by soroptimists from Zilina was very attractive and well prepared. Participants of the meeting could admire also a folklore evening with folklore singers, musicians and dancers. Our club President Katerina Rybakova invited all representatives of Czech and Slovak clubs to the International meeting 2009, which will be held in Prague.

4th International Meeting of talented youth

This year International summer camp in Zlatniky (Slovakia), which is generally supported by the International Visegrad Fund and organised by soroptimists from the club of Kosice, was held from 10.8. to 17.8. 2008.  Our club participates in this project from the very beginning and this time we delegated two talented girls for this international event. The club supported financially their participation and we hope that both girls will benefit from this special event in future.

Congratulations Acorus!

Acorus, a psycho-social center for mistreated and misused women, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008. Our club has been cooperating with this organisation for almost 10 years and both the Acorus team and our club members enjoy our long term project. As a birthday present for Acorus team and its friends we prepared a festival evening  on 30.9.2008 with prominent guests:  a famous violin virtuoso Vaclav Hudecek and his wife Eva Trejtnarova, who is an actor and a fairy tale writer. The atmosphere of the whole evening was superb and we, soroptimists, were happy to show Acorus team our admiration and support for their work.


Meeting Dear Guests

Numerous guests from abroad visited Prague also this year and we were happy to meet them.  Mrs. Gopala Krishnakone, President of SI club Singapore, came to meet us from afar. MUDr. Alena Novak, Governor of the Swedish Union, is a soroptimist of the Czech origin and she visits our club regularly. This time she presented a lecture about her experience of a volunteer doctor who helps to combat malaria in Equatorial Africa.

In November soroptimists from the club Vivata Vienna came for a long planned visit to Prague. They enjoyed professional guiding by member of our club, Milada Barcisova.  After seeing numerous places of interest they met also other club members. We would like to work together on common project in the next year.