EVENTS    2009


Soroptimist visit from Australia

January 2009

Jenny and Evonne, 2 soroptimists from the Federation of South-West Pacific, Adelaide, Australia, visited Prague. They admired beauties of snowy Prague and in the evening they get together with Prague soroptimists in a typical Prague restaurant Krčma.  They enjoyed also a presence of a husband of one our club member, who is a great admirer of Australia. The enclosed snaps document both pleasant atmosphere of the meeting and many new impressions.


Visit of a baroque exposition/New member Anna Preislerová

February 2009

Visit of a baroque exposition in Schwarzenberg Palais at Hradčany Square under guiding and professional comment of our cub member, art historian Jana Orlíková. Mrs. Hana Morkos, a member of the Lion´s club   Prague San Giorgio, took part on our event and we hope in a promising start of mutual contacts of our clubs.

Our club has a new club member MUDr Anna Preislerova, who does not live in Prague, but near a spa town Poděbrady,  decided to participate in activities of our club. Anna was very active during her candidate period and she will take care for contacts to Rotary Club Poděbrady, which is also a good news.


Floating hospital on Bráhmaputra River in Bangladesh - lecture

March 2009

Alena Novak lives with her family in Sweden, but she comes very often to the Czech Republic and she is in regular contact with the SI club Prague. This time she visited our club during her stay in Prague and she described her humanitarian activities of a volunteer in a distant country, where both she and her husband worked as doctors.


6th Meeting of Czech and Slovak Soroptimist clubs

April 2009 - Prague

We are proud to say, that all the clubs in Czechia and in Slovakia – i.e. SI clubs Brno, Bratislava, Žilina and Košice respect a tradition of mutual every year meetings. The first “Czech and Slovak Meeting“ was organized in 2004 at the suggestion of Zuzka Ilinčevova. It is to be stressed that really numerous club members from all the Czech and Slovak clubs came to Prague to participate on this get together.

We were sightseeing with our guests, we showed them historical and modern places of interest in Prague. The Meeting was concluded in the evening in the MAT club, and an auction of scarves was one of the admired parts of the programme.

This meeting is both a working and a social event and it always very productive and inspiring for all its participants. The SIC Prague reported inter alia about the activities of the Czech Women Lobby, which was inspiring especially for the Slovak clubs. The club of Brno reported about the project „Patronage of disappearing wells“ (a project reflecting the programme  “WATER” announced for this biennium by the European Federation) – this project was inspiring for all of us.


New member - Alena Novak

June 2009

During our the club meeting, that was held on the first Tuesday in June, our club accepted a new club member – MUDr Alena Novak – who decided to go from the SI club in Sweden, where she has been very active in the Union of Sweden for many years, over to our club. We are happy to have such a very experienced soroptimist among us.

Visit of a Link club in Grange-over-Sands

July 2009

On 15. – 20. 7. 2009 our club members Regina Peskova and Lenka Stastna visited our Link club in Great Britain, that organized a meeting of its Friendship Link clubs. They enjoyed the most cordial reception and friendly care, which is typical for our friends in Grange. We were invited to participate on the international project Sierra Leone - Family and Future that was started in 2007. Coordinator of the project will let us know how we could help.

Summer camp for talented children in Slovakia

August 2009

As a tradition our club took part in the summer event of the Soroptimist Club in Kosice and thus we supported financially 2 girls that were delegated to the camp. This year´s camp took place in Herlany and it was (as usually) very successful. The girls delegated by our club completed the programme of the camp for the second time already and thus they were appointed to be assistants to lecturers and they were rather proud of it.

Visiting our Friendship Link Club in Monza/Italy

October 2009

On 9.-11. 10. 2009 six club members visited the SI club in Monza, where 50th anniversary of chartering of SI Monza was celebrated. Cordial reception and very interesting accompanying programme is already a tradition for our friends in Monza. Monza is a nice city with many places of interests, such as Royal villa built for the Habsburgs in 18th century, a big park of 800 ha that is used not only as an oasis of health but also a place of culture and sport. It was a restaurant Fagianaia, one of many beautiful restaurants in the park that was a place of gala dinner in the presence of representatives of numerous Italian clubs, of a president of SI Union of Italy and of two foreign clubs (France and Czech Republic).


Meeting club members from Telfs, Innsbruck

October 2009

On 24.-26.10.2009 13 soroptimists from Austria visited Prague. During sightseeing and in the evening at common dinner with our club members we could enjoy new friendship talking about experiences of both clubs. Our club members are invited to visit our friends in the Tyrol.

A new club member

October 2009

Our club has a visiting member since October. Marie-Laure SASSE- POIRET, a member of the club Brussels Doyen, lives at present with her husband in Prague and she will attend our club meetings.

Annual Meeting of the Club

October 2009 - in a private club MAT

Mrs. Bílek and Mr. Preisler, members of the Rotary club Poděbrady and Mr. Radek Netusil from Modry klíc were our welcome guests. Club president Kateřina gave a brief summary of club activities for the last biennium: let´s list only the most important results e.g. help for the victims of floods, organizing of the 10th anniversary of the psycho-social center Acorus and gaining a grant of SI/E for English Courses. We wish good luck and a lot of success to members of a new board, that was elected for the coming biennium! At the same time we congratulate our colleague Irena Coufalova on her beeing appointed to the post of the representative of SI Europe for OSCE!


English Courses

from November 2009

English Courses (financed by a grant of European Federation) were started in November. There are two groups of "students" – a group of advanced beginners with a Czech lecturer and a group of advancers, having conversation with a native speaker.

Rotaract Poděbrady

November 2009

On 7th November 2 members of our club took part at the festival chartering ceremony of the Rotaract Club Podebrady in the premises of the Podebrady castle. The Rotaract Club Podebrady is a non-profit organization for young people of the age group of 18 – 30. It belongs to the international service organization Rotary International. This club was established at the initiative of Rotary Club Podebrady und both clubs cooperate closely.

Get-together with a glass of wine - Ing. Arch. Zdenek Lukes

November 2009

In mid-November we prepared the 11th meeting with an outstanding personality of our social and culture life. The event took place in the premises of the former National Assembly, that is nowadays used for archive collections of the National Museum.
We had an opportunity to take part in a very interesting lecture about Prague castle, presented by Ing. Arch. Lukeš.That traditional social event – a meeting with public - brought our club 10, 000,- CZK. We gave the whole amount to a psycho-social center for mistreated women and children ACORUS, which belongs to institutions that we have been supporting.
In December 2009 we prepared for ACORUS CHRISTMAS PRESENTS for 13 children who spent Christmas with their mums under protections of ACORUS.