EVENTS    2010

Rotary club Podebrady

January 2010

Our club members were invited to a theater performance “Jara Cimrman”. Our club was represented by the immediate past president Katerina. She used this occasion and brought our financial contribution of 2000 CZK for support of charity activities of our friends.


We enjoyed cultural events!

February 2010

Apart from two performances in Prague theatres (Shirley Valentine and a musical Mr.  Kaplan loves his class) we visited also an exposition The Art of 19th Century in Bohemia that wasnewly installed in the Cloister of St. George in Prague Castle. Our club members and friends of our club were professionally guided and instructed by our club member, historian of arts Jana Orlikova.


Life in Zambia

February 2010

A member of our club Alena Novak acquainted us by interesting lecture about life in Zambia which she accompanied by snaps. She has been working for several weeks in local church hospital which was built with the help of a Swedish mission.


Reading From Your Favourite Book

March 2010

It was an event of the Czech Women Lobby organized to the 100th anniversary of the celebrations of International Women´s Day in Prague 6 – Dejvice and our club was represented by our club President Regina and by Jana Benesova. Both of them enjoyed a very nice atmosphere and inspiring ideas.


Books for a local library in Klanovice

March 2010

Zuzka Ilincevova initiated a help for a local library in Klanovice near Prague. We collected 450 books and publications and we hope that it will revive the collection of the library.


"Business Baroque"

March 2010

Zuzana Ilincevova, another  of our club members,  presented a catching lecture about this new style of architecture, that can be seen most often in our satellite little towns near big cities. The power-point presentation was very interesting and attractive.


Train the Trainers

April 2010

SI/E Federation organized in Prague a seminar with the participation of representatives of SI clubs from Brno, Bratislava and also from Poland, Georgia, Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands and Israel. Our club was charged to organize the meeting, namely the president Regina Peskova and the secretary Irena Coufalova. Many delegates used the offer of Prague club to be acquainted with beauty of Prague, which was realized by Jana Matejkova.


Trip to New Zealand

April 2010

Impressions from a trip to a distance part of the world with rich photo documentation and catching narration was brought to us by the husband of our member Eva Krchova.


Life in Kenya

June 2010

A member of our club Alena Novak shared her fresh impressions from her recent stay in Kenya, where she worked as a “jeep doctor”.  It was sad to hear especially about children. There are 2, 5 million of them and parents of majority died of AIDS.
In a small tombola we have collected in our club 1240 CZK as a symbolic help for local children. For the collected money we have bought food for local orphans.


Meeting of Czech and Slovak clubs in Bratislava

June 2010

Our member Regina, Anna and Marie-Laura participated in a traditional meeting in Bratislava combined with celebration of St. John night.


Wine testing in wine cellar in Podebrady

June 2010

Several our members accepted the invitation of the Rotary club Podebrady to a wine cellar. Apart from good wine they got informed account of local expert sommelier – all in a good atmosphere.


Weekend out of Prague

June 2010

More than half of our club members went to Southern Bohemia to spend the weekend together. They were awarded not only by beautiful weather but first of all by good atmosphere during the excursion in Jindrichuv Hradec and especially well prepared stay on weekend houses of Katka and Nada in Dolni Zdar.


SI meeting in Gent

July 2010

At the annual meeting of SI Governors of European Federation, this year in Belgium, our club was represented by our president Regina Peskova and also Irena Coufalova, who has started working this year as a SI/E coordinator for OSCE.


Summer camp for talented children in Slovakia

August 2010

We have participated traditionally in summer project of SIC Kosice by sending and financially supporting two girls. The camp this year was located in Zlata Idka, a former miner’s village under Kojsovsky hill in Kosice region. There have been this year children from Slovakia, Bohemia, Poland and Ukraine. Apart from excursions a rich program was prepared. It consisted, as ever, of fine arts, dances, singing and playing musical instruments. The quality of the camp was appreciated during the final program even by parents who did not hesitated to come not only from Bratislava but also from distant Bohemia and Ukraine. New friendships of the children will be kept on Facebook but they are looking forward to the camp next year.


English lessons

We continue our English lessons. Originally there were two groups but from September 2010 we have merged them into one group lead by an experienced pedagogue who spent many years in English speaking countries.


Visit from New Zealand and Sweden

September 2010

We have greeted at our meeting members of SIC New Zealand (Jeanette Griffith) and from Sweden (Elisabeth Ekman). They informed us about their clubs' activities. During the day our members Jana Matejkova and Zuzana Ilincevova showed them beauties of Prague.


Annual Meeting

October 2010

At the annual meeting we have greeted among ourselves guests from Rotary Club Podebrady (Mr. J. Haskovec and Mr. V. Hlavaty), Dr. Remarova from Blue Key, Olga Burova from SIC Lviv and her daughter Anastasia who works in Prague. We thank all for the participation and gifts.
President Regina presented overview of our activities during the last year in modern form of power-point. A new club member Mgr. Jana Benesova was accepted. As a candidate she was very active during past year.
Ceremonial atmosphere was stressed by nice environment of the Club MAT.


Get-together wit a glass of wine with conductor Libor Pesek

November 2010

Well known Czech conductor who has been working for a long time abroad had an interesting talk with us over a glass of wine in a hall of the National museum.


Christmas meeting

December 2010

Traditionally we prepared gifts for children staying in the ACORUS Asylum Home. For a meeting in Advent time we have accepted hospitality of one our members Jana O. in her beautifully decorated house. Each of us remembered a deceased member of our club Milada. Shortly before Christmas we again organized a traditional common lunch in the restaurant Jina krajina.