EVENTS    2011


Theatre Performance in Podebrady

January 2011

Our cooperation with Rotary club Podebrady continues; this time we accepted the invitation to a nice beneficial performance of local theatre company of Jara Cimrman. 3 our members (J. Matejkova, V. Gajdosikova, J. Benesova) took part and used this occasion for passing the club´s contribution of 2000 Czech crowns.


Lecture “How we live”

Februaty 2011

Member of our club Zuzana Ilincevova suggested the topic and delivered a lecture on it. She described shortly the evolution of settlements until building of bigger towns, cities, creation of satellite outskirts and how people behave in them. Recently people are influenced by new communications but the necessity of having personal contacts brings people together. She informed us about books and authors who write about this matter.


New friends – maybe future club members?

February 2011

Marie-Laure brought among us her friends Nicole Ospin from U.S.A. and Anne-Petra Sibbles from the Netherlands. They are not SI members in their countries but both would like to know how SI organization works and they are very interested in cooperation.


Cooperation with ACORUS

Hana Samalikova presented this project in cooperation with Asylum House ACORUS. The project was accepted and ACORUS got the fantastic sum of 250 000 Czech crowns for the support of its activities and further development.

Celebration of 15th Anniversary of SIC Prague

April 2011

60 sisters from various parts of Europe accepted our invitation to celebrate the anniversary from 7th till 10th April 2011. Together we enjoyed the program and the gathering. We organized guiding tours of historical parts of Prague and also of new buildings. Everybody could attend a jazz concert in the St. Simon and Juda church and later a ceremonial dinner in hotel President. A part of the financial profit was later gifted to the Blue Key organisation for handicapped young people with which we are in contact.


New Member

May 2011

We invited Katerina Belska, who returned to Prague after she had finished her foreign posting to Slovakia and became a member of the Prague club. Up to now she had been a member of the SI Kosice club.


Governor's meeting

May 2011

The meeting of the governors of European clubs in Italian Palermo, Sicilia, was attended this year for both Czech SI clubs by Vera Gajdosikova, vice-president SIC Prague, and also by Irena Coufalova as a representative of the SI Europe in OSCE.


Visit to Ecotechnical museum

June 2011

We visited collectively Ecotechnical museum in Prague 6 – Dejvice where we admired not only foresight of architects who designed sewerage system in Prague and also the precision of the builders in the beginning of the 20th century.


International summer camp for talented children in Zlata Idka, Slovakia

August 2011

Also this year we contributed to the success of the summer camp organized by SIC Kosice. We wished to send and financially support two time-tested girls who were helpful last year with younger participants. But they could not attend due to illness and that´s why two young boys were selected. It was the first experience for them with such an exceptional event.


20th Anniversary of SIC Brno

September 2011

The celebration of the jubilee of our sister club in Brno was attended by Regina P., Vera G. and Anna P.


Annual Meeting

October 2011

15th anniversary was already celebrated in April. After the annual meeting we started another two-year period with a new board. Two members decided to leave our club, one new came. We believe that her contacts and our good ideas will bring fresh air into future activities of our club.

English lessons

We continue our English courses. We have still one group and the same experienced teacher.


Get-together wit a glass of wine

November 2011

Traditionally once a year we invite our friends to meet a well-known personality. This year our invitation was accepted by the owner of Cafe Imperial and restaurant Divinis in Prague, Mr. Zdenek Pohlreich. It was very interesting for all participants to meet in an unusual space of the classical building of our National museum and to talk to „known face“ from the TV screen and listen to his common troubles.