EVENTS    2012


Theatre Performance in Podebrady

January 2012

4 members of our club (K. Rybakova, A. Preisslerova, V. Gajdosikova, Z. Ilincevova) took part traditionally in benefitial performance of our friendly Rotarian club Podebrady, this time with husbands.  A local Jara Cimrman theatre society again enterteined  all the visitou by a play called CZECH  SKY. We gave 2000 CZK to support  of  Rotary club events.

Václav Radimsky Exhibition

February 2012

Together with our friends we visited an exhibiton of  the well-known Czech landscape painter – impressionist  academic painter V. Radimsky (1867 – 1946) in the City Library. We enjoy cultural experience thanks to the professional explanation of  art-historian Jana Orlikova, member of our club.

ANDROMEDA  Community

February 2012

According to the program of our prezident ASSISTANCE IN THE OLD AGE we invited to our meeting Mr. Ota Petrak, the leader of the Community, whose big project is building of a hospice, home and stationary for seniors in Velka Chmelistna near Rakovnik. The house serves meanwhile as nursing service for neaded Citizen  from nearby villages. You find more on webside After this interesting presentation we will decide how we could engage in this project.

Trip to India

March 2012

Member of our club Ivana Valisova  presented her rich impressions from the Asian subkontinent. She spent 3 weeks in Indian state Kerala with her daughter.

Impressions from Japan

April 2012

Jana Orlikova visited Japan already 8 times. She talked in very interesting way not only about the country but first of all about her experience  during the exhibitons about Czech artists in Japan, for instance about Alfons Mucha (in 1983), later about Frantisek Kupka.


Visit from France

April 2012

Vice-prezident of  a SI club NIORT Martine Courant with her husband visited Prague for a week. Member of our club K. Rybakova and J. Matejkova helped them with accommodation in pitoresque part of Prague and guided them.  Marie-Laure Sasse-Poiret  helped with the contact with Mrs Geraldine Muchova, whom the pair visited in her unusual vila in Hradcany distrikt. Later they came to our meeting, acquainted us with thein distrikt between Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Poitiers and presented us with the flags of only of their club but also of  Metz SI club. We believe  that this meeting will help our stronger  friendly contacts in future.

Narration about Island

May 2012

Program of the May meeting was enriched by interesting narration of  the husband of our member Eva Krchova about thein trip to Island.  Rich picture documentation with explanation and  power point presentation  acquinted us with this interesting island near European kontinent.

Change on posts

May 2012  

Shortly after May meeting Vera Gajdosikova announced her resignation on the post of the president. K. Rybakova and Z. Ilincevova temporarily took the post with the understanding that since September 2012 Jana Orlikova will lead the club. Hermina Fakin resined on the post of the Secretary. As since the beginning of the year Eva Klimesova left the club, the post of the vice-president  is not occupied.

A member of our our club Marie-Laure Sasse-Poiret also left the Prague club. She followed her husband to his new job destination. Her active 3-year stay in Prague and membership in our club will be remembered by  our small gift.

Apart from the two mentioned members Nada Santruckova, Jana Cerny and Hana Samalikova have also left us during the year.

Hana Hynkova has come among us  and very actively participats in all our events.

International children camp in Slovakia

August 2012

Si club in Košice again organized international summber camp for art-talented children. This year, already 8th camp, children from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland participated. Our club sent to the recreational facility in Zlata Idka again 2 children, whom we financially supported. This time two were Kamila Holankova, 12 years and Eva Benesova, 10 years. Both of them are doing modern dance, Eva is a majorette. All children praised rich program, dance teaching, excursions to nature and in Kosice and, of course, a discoteaue at the end. The parents participated in the final evening party and praised good leadership and care of their children.

Special meeting in Kutna Hora

September 2012

In the interest of the consolidation of the mood a the situation in the club we have desided to meet for 2 days out of Prague and chosen historical Hutna Hora  town. We were atracted by an excellent exhibition EUROPA JAGELLONICA in former Jesuit seminary, now a seat of the Galery of the Centre Bohemia. The working meeting took the place in the historical hall of the restaurant across famous Stoned  House. The meeting was refreshed by Zuzana Ilincevova.

Zuzana Ilincevova refreshed the meeting by her narration about old purses with presentation of samples, Irena Coufalová by comparison of behaviour of Czechs and foreigners and by talk about jewels of our goldsmith Marcela Stankova which inspired living discussion.

In general the special meeting fulfilled our expectations – become aware of the Club solidarity and mutual respect of different opinions

SIC Praha visit in Bayreuth

October 2012

SIC Bayreuth invited us to meeting of link clubs which took place on October 25-28, 2012. We participated in the excursion to the Festival Hall in which Richard Wagner celebrations take place and a trip to Bamberg with sight-seeing tour of the city and visit to the dome that will spectacularly celebrate its 1000th anniversary this year. We again enjoyed very friendly reception of the Bayreuth Club members and strengthened contacts started many years ago.









Meeting of Czech and Slovak Soroptimist Clubs

October 2012

Traditional meeting of Czech and Slovak Clubs has been organized this year by the SIC Brno. Our Brno colleagues have chosen a beautiful historical city of Mikulov where we have been able according to well prepared program to discover the local castle, to taste Moravian wines in a wine cellar of the hotel with rich refreshments prepared by our hosts. An important part of the meeting was also an exchange of information on activities of all Clubs, discussion about problems and ways how to solve them. After the meeting we have had a chance to see the Jewish part of the city and be at a concert of Jewish music.

Glass of Wine

November 2012

Under the title Glass of Wine we traditionally arrange a meeting with public where we invite a guest from the sphere of culture, art and science. This time it was internationally respected guitarist Professor Štěpán Rak who came to entertain us and our guests. In unusual surroundings of the Orangerie of the Břevnov Monastery the artist attracted attention of the audience not only by his music and singing but also by witty and fascinating narration. The profit from the event will be donated to the association ACORUS which provides professional assistance to people threatened by domestic violence.

Christmas meeting

December 2012

Before Christmas we organized traditional Christmas get-together, this time in our home setting of the Club MAT. Each of us brought a gitf, prepated traditionally for children in asylum house ACORUS, to be delivered to them in time before Christmas.