EVENTS  2016

Trip of our club to Telč

May 2016

From 20th till 22nd May 2016 eleven members of our club visited another sights of UNESCO in Czech Republic - this time TELČ. We stayed directly on the main square, so we enjoyed sunny days exactly in the centre of this renaissance pearl.

Apart of the visit of the most important sights in the town we could discussed our club activity and we could  plan our future  events.

Marvelous days, marvelous athmosphere ! It´s a pity that the number of not yet visited UNESCO sights in our country - which was our intention - has become rather short. But still we can find other beautiful places where to go together, for sure !

password: Telč 2016

Czech and Slovak SI clubs gathering

3rd till 5th June 2016

Members ofCzech and Slovak clubs meet reguraly every year. This time SI club Bratislava organized a gathering on the chalet Amor in Zlatnicka dolina near Skalice in Slovakia. About 50 members from SI clubs Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Žilina and Košice took part. The friendship 20 years old was strengthed. All clubs presented their new projects announced by individuel presidents for their period.

On behalf of Prague club there were present: Elen Stastna, Bobi Matyasova, Katerina Belska and member in waiting Jana Burianova. We could admire history, recent time as well as development of Skalice town. There are admirable achievments.

Famous women of the past

Chairperson of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Mgr. Miluse Horska incooperation with Soroptimist club Prague
arranged 14th June 2016 a seminary of the series "Famous women of the past". One of them is BERTA VON SUTTNER, born countess of the noble family of Kinskies from Vchynic and Tetov, born in Prague, the first women, who was aworded by Nobel price of the peace in 1905.
She was a pacifist, publisher, writer, co-founder of the permanent arbitration court In den Hague. She has been in the front of defenders of humanistic ideas  in Europe in the second half of the 19th century.

Jana Hodurova from the Society of Berta Suttner spoke about the life and work of this special women, the same like publicist and journalist Jan Fingerland.

Hynek Kmonicek, director of International department, Office of the President, applied the legacy of Berta von Suttner to recent time and
geopolitical situation.

The seminar was moderated by Marketa Sevcikova, editor of the Czech radio.

This extraordinary event with the rich discussion in a beautiful Kolowrat palace of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic  showed an interesting and actual legacy of the past.  



Exhibiton about Charles IVth


From many exhibitions, which this year celebrate the anniversary of 700 years of the great  Czech ruler we have chosen a collective visit of  "Emperor
Charles IVth 1316 - 2016" in the Wallenstein Riding school. Kunsthistorien Monika Sybolová made for us a knowledgeable commentary not only about the period of Charles IVth but also about valuable exhibits from many other countries of the whole world. Some of them we can see once in a life only. Such a visit of excellent exhibition makes a great impression and means a cultural enrichment.

Vrchotovy Janovice - Sidonie Nadherna

15th August 2016

Member of our club Elsa Zemánková organized for us a beautiful vacation trip, resp. she joined us to her interesting and nice friends from her Benesov town. We travelled by a confort bus to Vrchotovy Janovice to be acquainted not only with the chateau and the park, but first of all with its last owners, the family of Nadherny and primarily with the last family member Sidonia.

The crowning conclusion of the day was not only a pleasant dinner in a well known Hradcany restaurant U labuti, but a musical performance on
summer stage of the theatre Ungelt, inspired by Sidonia Nadherna´s life story.

From our club were present: Bobi, Elen, Anna, Zuzana, Jana M and, of course, Elsa.


Gathering with members of Bad Ischl

23. 9. 2016

12 members of SIC Bad Ischl, Austria, visited Prague. They chose a guide for the detailed knowledge of our capital but after that  they met
our 4 members (Elen, Bobi, Zuzka, Irenka) in a interesting cafe "Suteren" near Vltava river. They enjoyed typical Czech sandwiches but most of all they appreciated warm atmosphere. There was enough time to talk about activities, experiences and projects. Sisters in Bad Ischl have an interesting project supporting young musicians and also activities related to the traditions of their spa town. Salt mines in middle ages ensured wealth and prosperity to this region.

We hope that after this first meeting there will be other mutual gatherings.

25th anniversary of SI club Brno

30. 9. 2016

This beautiful  anniversary was a great occasion for gathering members of 11 soroptimist clubs from the whole Europe. About 60 guests could make aquintance of sights in Brno city and meet together in a gorgeous International hotel during a festive dinner with dulcimer music. Our intension
was to attend in higher number of Prague members, but unfortunately some of us became sick. Boby Matyasova and Elen Stastna pass on our wishes on behalf of us all.

We wish our nearest club good luck in future years.

Rare visit - Madam Zdena Prochazkova

4. 10. 2016

At our October meeting we welcomed among us a well-known actress Zdena Prochazkova, who reminded herself to the public by a role of older Lida Baarova in the movie "Lida Baarova" directed by Filip Renc. She took all of us by her vitality, life optimism, also by great memory and ability to create pleasant atmosphere by her talk.




Get-together with Glass of Wine

25th November 2016  

Our traditional event, when we meet with our friends and invite an important personality from our cultural or social life, was held
again in a beautiful setting of Nostic palace, a seat of Culture Ministry. Tomas Töpfer was our nice guest. We could talk with him and listened to his personal experiences from his artistic life.

Financial profit will be donated to an institution ACORUS, which is an asylum for women and children - victims of domestic violence.






Christmas 2016         

During the Season people generally care to keep traditions - not only religious but first of all social relations. And we gathered again this time out of our common meeting place but in an interesting restaurant PIVO A BASILICO.

We used another nice tradition to prepare Christmas gifts for small children of asylum home ACORUS, who spend their Christmas
there provisionally. We delivered nice gifts individually chosen for small or bigger children and also for their mams before Christmas eve. We hope that all of them were happy.