Christmas time

Gathering during advent time is the best way to repeat traditional meeting with excellent dinner, nice small gifts and relaxed chat. The winning place was again restaurant Pivo and Basilico.

We could not miss the meeting in asylum house ACORUS this year, of course. Kids and moms who have found temporary shelter there, were different than last year, but the joy of our gifts that we had prepared for them, was definitely the same. Several of our members traditionally brought gifts in good time and thanks to the perfect mutual cooperation the joy was great. We believe!



Get-together with Glass of Wine

26th November 2019


To our already 20nd regular social event - a meeting with the public - we invited art couple Jana and Viktor Preiss. The meeting place was the newly opened club the Archanděl in Prague 5, which our guests completely filled and had there  a good time. Present also were representatives of ACORUS asylum house, which gets the financial amount collected at this meeting.

Our thanks to everyone involved, as well as the club Archanděl.






27th - 30th September 2019

At the end of September we visited SI club in Sondrio, Italy. The trip was preceded by a meeting with a club member in Sondrio, who comes from Prague and who also initiated a friendship between both clubs. So we have got an invitation to visit Sondrio and seven club members decided to go there.
The program was prepared in detail and the accompaniment from the Italian side was excellent: at the airport in Bergamo we were expected by a shuttle bus for 130 km distant journey to Sondrio, the accommodation in the 4 * hotel Vittoria was sensational and the program for 3 days literally charged. From the program:
- joint lunch after arrival, aperitif in Garibaldi square, dinner in pizzeria Vecchia Carbonera
- visit to Palazzo Pretoria (Stua - mayor's residence), Sala dei Balli Palazzo Sertoli at the local bank, Valtellinese History and Art Museum (local mountain area)
- guided tour of the winery in Tenuta la Gatta, 30 km away, accompanied by a gala dinner and a ceremony with the signing of a club-friendship certificate
- a mountain walk in Val Malenco ending with a late lunch in the mountain restaurant Tartaglione


The club in Sondrio really appreciates the established friendship and contacts with our club; they would like to create and manage a joint project with the club in Prague. The great advantage is the knowledge of Italian language of our president Jana Benešová - during the evening meeting with Italian clubs in the Tenuta la Gatta winery she greeted and presented the Prague club and its projects fluently in Italian. 

The good mood was also contributed by the weather, the summer temperatures in an almost alpine area were more than pleasant and the surrounding of 3000 m high mountins with plenty of vineyards in the foothills enhanced the overall impression of this successful trip. Our big thanks to the club in Sondrio.




Visit from Germany

September 11th, 2019

Ladies of many SI German clubs visited Prague with their own program but they wished to meet members of Prague SI club. During the  gathering in a special Prague cellar  restaurant near Strahov monastery there was alive debate about Soroptimist life in general. German guests were specially impressed by our project "Women hep to women".  They expressed their support by a financial gift, which could be used to this exact project.

Very pleasant gathering was joined from our side by Zuzana, Alice, Eliška, Jana Š., Beáta and Eva.



Czech-Slovak club meeting in Prague

31. 5. - 1. 6. 2019

Members of all SI clubs (Brno, Bratislava, Košice, Žilina and Prague, of course) held pleasant meeting during nice, sunny weather in Prague.  Majority of visitors used by us offered an unusual ride by historical tram through Prague, others walked with insightful
guide New town of Prague and some did not miss Friday´s performance in ABC Theatre. Finaly we enjoyed common dinner in the hotel Olšanka. We were informed there by Brno club prezident Jitka Kratochvílová about prepared new organisation systém regarding single clubs, officially declared on the last Governors´Meeting. We all decided to help, to enjoy ourselves and the others, but withtout new upstandard institutions (superclub institutions).  We did not leave good mood at all.   







17th - 19th May 2019

Weekend in Třeboň

We took a trip to Třeboň on the last but one may weekend. The weather has succeeded just like the program. We lived in a guesthouse in one of the oldest houses in town. We had enough to visit all the important places of this historical city including the castle, the Schwarzenberg tomb, we were sailing on the pond World. We visited the brewery, evening performances of historical dances directly in the castle, we tasted fish specialities in local restaurants.




April 11th

"Strenth in tenderness" - a cogent catchword, used by centrum ACORUS to invite people into nicely restored social house NA MARJANCE in Prague 6, where we could admire show of craftmanship, ideas and products of young women. We could buy knitted accessories and handmade clothes on spot. Part of financial profit was donated to ACORUS.

We, members of Soroptimist club, are happy to have chance to contribute from time to time to this useful institution, which helps women, as well as their children in their very difficult life situation.

On behalf of our SI club was present J. Matějková.





Theatre performance in Pilsen

SI club in German Würzburg challenged our club to visit dancing performance "House of Bernarda Alba" in Pilsen. The ballet was staged with the Pilsen ballet Ensemble by Annsa Vita from Würzburg. Visitors appreciated contemporary concept of the work of Spanish poet and playwright Federico Carcia Lorca.

Particularly pleasant was the meeting of the members of both clubs. For the Prague club they intended Zuzana Ilinčevová, Alice Červená and Eliška Kyselová.