EVENTS   2020

Walk on Charles Bridge

23rd May 2020

Our club member Zuzana Illinčevová organized walkabout through one of the most attractive places in Prague, which looks shortly after emergency with the covid-19 pandemic completely different than usually. The place is almost deserted now and its charm and history stand up more and attract  even Prague citizens, who prefer to avoid this place, usually full of tourists.

In the end, we enjoyed a snack in the restaurant on Malostranské náměstí.



Chrismas gifts for ACORUS

14. 12. 2020

Tradition and good relations between our cub and asylum facility were not violated by the pandemic, though the gifts for the children and their mothers could not be handed over in the building of ACORUS. Even so we believe that the joy under the Christmas tree will be great.



Club gathering in Dezember

16. 12. 2020

In compliance of keeping various restrictions this year we followed the tradition and met in a pleasant venue, which was dominated by Alice, the member    of our club. She had one more reasons – to celebrate her round birthday. Even though there weren´t the full number of us, Christmas mood and the joy of the meeting accompanied us long after.