About us

The International Soroptimist Club Prague is a part of Soroptimist International - the world's largest organization of women of different professions. Currently it has 112 000 members in more than 3000 clubs in 126 countries of the world.

The Club Prague was founded in 1995 as the second Club in the Czech Republic by the Club Bordeaux from France. The Club currently has 17 active members. All activities of the Club are financed from their own contributions and club activities of the members. All sponsorship donations are forwarded in full to the selected institutions, the activity of the Club is fully financed by member contributions. During and after the completion of the projects the use of embedded resources  is  effectively monitored.

Soroptimist Club Prague

     • has intensive contacts with Soroptimist Clubs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Great         Britain and Germany

     • cooperates with the Czech Women's Lobby and thus with the European Women's Lobby (EWL)


The Club helps to promote human rights and the status of women in society through various projects in the following areas:

              • economic and social development

              • education and training

              • human rights/status of women

              • health

              • international goodwill and understanding


Programs of the Presidents following programs of Presidents of the European Federation

2024-2026  Jana Šolcová                 Enrich ourself and others thanks to experiences and new ideas

2021-2023  Alice Červená                 Social activities renewal after Covid-19 inhibition
                                                                Participation into 17 UN goals regarding 
                                                                sustainable development
2019-2021   Eva Krchova                  Protection of environment and water
2017-2019  Jana Benesova              Knowing yourself the better to know the others 
 2015-2017   Elen Stastna                  Open mind, open communication

 2014-2015   Anna Preislerova           Women helping women

 2013-2014   Zuzana Ilincevova         Understanding among us through the arts

 2012-2013   Jana Orlikova                 Consolidation of the club

 2011-2012    Vera Gajdosikova          Assistance in old age

 2009-2011    Regina Peskova             Return children to book

 2007-2009    Katerina Rybakova       Back to the roots of the Club

 2005-2007   Jana Matejkova               Women building peace with respect for traditions in the country

 2003-2005    Milada Barcisova           Women building peace and fostering   

                                                                   approchement between clubs

 2001-2003    Bobi Matyasova             Education is the way progress

 1999-2001   Jana Orlikova                 Education and upbringing  enrich our world

 1997-1999    Irena Coufalova            Help allergic children

 1995-1997    Zuzana Ilincevova        Confident woman




Pražská 2/1014
Praha 10
102 00

+420 773 553 103