This project is based on long-standing cooperation of our club and phycho-sociological centre ACORUS. The project combines time-tested forms of cooperation (ad 1) with new form of support of victims of violence  (ad 2).

1. SIC Prague will continue to support women and children as until now who found asylum in psycho-social centre ACORUS.

The assistance has the following forms:

a) The help to women and children who had come to asylum with no basic means

b) The help to women and children who can leave the asylum and start new life (material assistance for the household furnishings)

c)  Occasional help in case of emergency

d) Christmas gifts for children and mothers, who spend the Christmas in the asylum ACORUS.

2. In Juny 2013 a special bank account for health matters has been established; it is possible to cover expenditures for health reasons - for instance additional charge for medicaments or medical care not covered by health insurance. These sums, even sometimes not high, create big problems to women staying in asylum centre.

A specific form of the support is always consulted with the director or assistants of ACORUS to be as effective as possible.



Soroptimist Club Prague has been collaborating for many years with a phyco-social centre ACORUS providing complex professional assistance to people threatened by domestic violence aiming at overcoming their unfavourable social situation and at integrating them into normal life without violence.

Soroptimist Club Prague supports this association materially and financially, mainly by donating profits from friendly meeting over a glass of wine with popular personalities of cultural and social life. The last event of this kind was the meeting with  American journalist Erik Best, living in Prague in November 2013. The profit from this event was donated to the association ACORUS for support of its services.



The long-term collaboration has been also developing with the school SPMP Blue Key which provides social services to children and adults with mental and combined handicap.

Soroptimist Club Prague monitors activities of this organization and in a flexible way assists financially and materially mainly through gifts of sponsors and donators but also by profits from social events of the Club.



Assistance during floods in Moravia - village Citov

December 1996

For maximally targeted financial assistance in Moravia we chose a family with 3 children in a village Citov. This community was substantially damaged during the floods; almost all its houses were flooded. We have paid for a part of the reconstruction of the flooded house of this family, fitted their kitchen and bought automatic laundry machine. After a year we visited the family in Citov and found out that the collected financial means had been used in a very effective way. We were able to organize this assistance thanks to financial contributions of sister clubs from abroad. 


Jan Deyl Conservatory - Prague

August 2002

Collected sum of 1 200 000 CZK  was used for purchase and repair of musical instruments damaged by floods. Soroptimist Clubs from all Europe contributed. Ceremonial handover of the cheque took place during a common event with musical performance of students of the Jan Deyl Conservatory.

Assistance to children affected by floods - Senov

June 2009

The campaign called “Assistance to victims of floods” was initiated by Zuzka Ilinčevová. In June 2009 floods hit Northern Moravia. Practical arrangements were taken charge with great enthusiasm by the President of that time Katka Rybakova together with Irena Coufalova. We have chosen maternity school in Šenov near Nový Jičín suffered big damages by floods; completely destroyed was sleeping room and cloakroom of children, the office of the head master and operational room for laundry and cleaning. Apart from the Czech donors also SI Clubs from abroad contributed. The biggest contribution was sent by the German SI Union. The management of the school gradually drew from this sum money for reconstruction and purchase of needed furnishings. We have been in continuous contact with the director Dr. Beluvková. The campaign was finished in April 2010 with the final sum of our financial assistance 205 000 CZK. Thanks to all who financially or physically participated in this assistance. Irena Coufalova dealt with foreign donors and at the end of the campaign expressed our gratefulness to all of them.

Flood assistance - Hejnice

August 2010

New flood in August 2010 hit Northern Bohemia. At the neares meeting of the Club in September financial assistance also in this case was approved. We had been monitoring the situation more than usually because a member of our Club lives in one of the affected towns. She informed us continuously about the situation. Other two members of the Club visited the chosen place – Hejnice near the spa Libverda to identify the most needed 2 families. The collected sum of 70 000 CZK was equally divided between them.














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