2022, May

Help for Ukrajine


Soroptiminist International is great women´s organisation all over the world. One part of it is Soroptimist International of Europe which covers activieties over 40 countries. Among projects are Education, Women´s Empowerment, Violence Against Women, Health and Food Security, usw. These great ideals are now sidelined due to the war situation in Ukraine.
SIE has called on SI clubs and unions across Europe to take the initiative to help to solve this situation.
Currently, the 2nd phase of Moldova's projects (Nisporeny, Edinet) is underway, newly Žilina, Portugal, Romania and Poland, see a preview of their website:


Money has already been successfully selected and used for 9 projects:
- SI Košice - EUR 10,000
- SI Žilina -20,000 EUR
- SI Bratislava - 9,000 EUR
- SI Szombathely - selected 10,000 EUR
- SI Budapest Corvinus - selected 10,000 EUR
- SI Eldinet - selected 10,000 EUR
- SI Nisporeni - selected 5,000 EUR
- SI Stefan Voda - selected 5,000 EUR
Poland SI Lviv - selected 20,000 EUR
As for the Czech and Slovak Republics, all 5 clubs, through their coordinators, are informed each other about their activities. Immediate material assistance has been provided since the beginning especially in Slovakia. In addition to the individual help of individual members directly in Prague, the SI Club Prague has collected funds from which we have so far decided to buy food for approximately CZK 10,000 and send the shipment directly to Lviv through the Center for National Minorities. We are ready to continue to help as the situation develops.


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