May 21, 2022


Thanks to the initiative of our colleagues from Drážďan, a very nice meeting in Prague took place, where 9 participants of our first meeting arrived by train. We waited for her at the Olšanka Hotel. After a brief meeting, exchange of mutual information and public information, we took the joint tram to Prague. Some of them took the evening train back to Drážďan, some of them extended their stay for another day. We are grateful to the initiative of President Šárka Atzenberg, who organized the Czech events throughout the event. We look forward to further meetings with our dear visitors from neighboring countries. For the whole Prague club, the Prague participants Alice, Zuzka, Jana M, Jana Bur., Hanka, Věra and Jana Š. with a friend.





September 23rd, 2022

Three members of our club (Z. Ilinčevová, J. Šolcová, H. Hynková) took part in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ACORUS institution, with which we have been cooperating since its foundation in the form of sponsorship donations, whether they are finances, obtained through our annual event A GLASS OF WINE, where we invite our friends to get to know important personalities of social life, or they are Christmas gifts for children and their mothers, who find temporary asylum there in their complicated lives. We were present at the christening of the book, published for the anniversary, we tasted the prepared goodies and the festive cake, and above all we enjoyed the wonderful friendly atmosphere. Thank you ACORUS!

Glass of wine

23rd November 2022

We have again invited guests from the field of culture to our meeting with friends of our club this year. It was the film, theater and television actor Jiří Štrébl and the musician, writer and translator Eva Turnová. Unfortunately, health and other problems did not allow many of the invited guests to come among us, but those who came were delighted by the wit and immediacy of our lovely guests.

Proceeds from the event will go to ACORUS and ROSA, which both support women and children who have experienced domestic violence.

New membership

In 2022, our club joined the SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ASSOCIATION. Our entry is logically related to the club's themes for 2022/2023 - Sustainable Development Goals. The association brings together 500 members from the public, non-profit and educational sectors and has become the largest initiative of social responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations in the Czech Republic, whose vision is that social responsibility and sustainability become a natural part of business and the functioning of every organization in the Czech Republic. Our members took part in 3 interesting events - Celebration of World Environment Day at the Swedish Embassy, Sustainable Christmas at KCP Prague and breakfast with members on the topic of Disinformation in the media.

Trips abroad

The year 2022 was not the year of large meetings of Czech and Slovak clubs, the frequency of which was disrupted in previous years by the pandemic. On the other hand, together we went beyond the boundaries of everyday life. Several members of the club thus made two trips to Italy - one in May to the magical island of Ischia  with a visit to Naples, and the other at the end of October to the beautiful and interesting Apulia..


Christmas is a tradition of customs and gatherings. We also remained faithful to go to "our" restaurant Pivo a Basilico again for dinner in December. Those who didn't make it could take part in the walk through the beautiful snow-covered romance in Kampa.


Christmas in Acorus

As a part of our long-term support of our club, ACORUS, we have traditionally prepared and given gifts under the Christmas tree to children and their mothers who spent the Christmas holidays in the asylum of this company. There was also time to evaluate this year's cooperation with the director of ACORUS, Mrs. Chaloupková.









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