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Gender equality

We have accepted the invitation of our European headquarters to participate in the campaign for gender equality, and we are attaching pictures of our feet in different shoes to the symbolic date of March 8. 


The new president of the club

In January 2024, the current president of the club, Alice Červená, handed over the leadership of our club for the next 2 years to Jana Šolcová. The festive mood at the annual meeting was added not only by the tasty menu, but also by the pleasant environment of the Olšanka Hotel.

Průhonice Park

January 20, 2024

Members of the friendly club INNERWILL Třebíč invited our club for a winter walk in Průhonický park. The expert interpretation of the botanist Mr. Jiří Burda was interesting. A joint lunch followed. Everyone enjoyed the cold but beautiful weather. For our club Z. Ilinčevová, B. Zemanová, J. Burianová, A. Červená were present.  Thanks for the invitation.



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